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  1. Do your customers have a self-service community to solve their issues together?
  2. Do your sales and service teams use a single system to manage opportunities and solve support cases?
  3. Can customer tweets for help be automatically routed to your service team?
  4. Can your sales reps make smarter decisions in the field using analytics right on their phones?
  5. Can customers video chat with a service agent directly from your mobile app?
  6. Do your sales reps know the best follow up for every marketing lead they receive?
  7. Are your marketing campaigns and emails personalized based on each customer's actions in your mobile app?
  8. Can your channel sales teams and partners collaborate in a community to close deals faster?
  9. Can your teams access sales, service and marketing analytics from a single mobile app?
  10. Do your sales reps have a branded mobile app to deliver quotes and customer presentations in the field?
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